Wire Frames & Live testing

Final Illustrator wireframes have been completed and tested.

User issues in test :

  1. Me fumbling around with pieces of cut out paper and telling person what will happen next .
    Solution – next person i tested, i laid out all the screens and only advised that they have to choose the buttons and find the appropriate next screen. outcome was that app seed to flow.
  2. No member input for “forgot your password ” solution – input screen added for email address and an email will be sent to address. one of two emails will be sent, 1st with link to reset password and 2nd if there is no email match on database then a new member sign up link will be added.
  3. Need to access settings to update without leaving ordering process eg, credit payment failed, fav our changed
    solution, credited links in all ordering pages and pop up menu
  4. Personally testing it i found that i was using to many different selection methods in app ( click select, scroll, data input )  To me the coffee ordering process is really simple and the app should mimic that same process so i have changed the whole ordering system to be dropdown selections only and ability to move to next data set whilst in dropdown.
  5. tester didnt like menu button being same size as logo and right next to it, will play around with location and size

wire frames1Screen Shot 2014-09-15 at 10.57.39 pm


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