Story boarding

Have drawn up a story to outline the niche or purpose for this app to exists. Essentially it is based on me and my needs mostly. Picture may be hard to read to ill try and summarise it below :

  • Sitting at my desk with a lot of work piled on my desk and me nursing a major hang over from booze or house of cards marathon.
  • As i am about to fall asleep i realise that i have a meeting in 10 minutes but i need a grab a coffee desperately.
  • Problem with the just walking downstairs and buying a coffee is wait times, if a coffee shop is busy then it can take up to 10 minutes for a coffee and another few minutes walking time. This is something that will generally deter going out for a coffee.
  • so i log onto to the coffee project which shows me  how many people in front of me in the queue. This is shown before i accept the order which means i can judge wait times and one i accept it, the coffee shop will accept it meaning no one else can jump in front of me
  • other benefit is that if wait times will be too long then i can cancel my order. Storyboard