Design Blogs

Smashing Magazine

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FUNCTION – The function of this website is to provide Web designers and developers with useful resources, tools along with the freshest innovation and industry trends.

CONTENT – Content provides range tips,tricks and thought provoking articles related to web design. Additionally the site Incorporates an online shop to purchase resources, information about upcoming workshops and international jobs board.

DESIGN – Down scroll site with numerous pages. split up over 5 or 6 main category tabs. Clean,easy to read and vibrant design. The colour indexing allows for easy navigation. Website is every practical and easy to navigate.

 Nielsen Norman Group

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FUNCTION – An industry recognised resource for studies and trends and research relations to user experience

CONTENT – Main focus of this site is to provided reports over a vast number of categories relating to studies and industry research of consumer and user experience. It also provides training and consulting services. The article sections are more informative posts regarding smaller interesting topics.

DESIGN -The design compliments the function of the website and captures a strong academic feel with clean use of fonts and minimal pictures. 

Don Norman one of the principle founders of the group gave an interesting TED Talk about emotion in design.  Norman On Design and Emotion 


Under Consideration

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FUNCTION – The site is a the homepage for a network of design related sites and blogs. This is a resource for work currently happening in the industry by designers.

CONTENT- 6 major sites some of which are no longer active. The remaining sites range from designer community info,trends, design discussions, designer works and print media designs. these all show examples of work and articles.

Design – Main page seems quiet dated. Large use of grids to break up information. Other pages follow there own themes providing more modern and clean design. 





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